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Friday, May 14, 2010

green green green!!

hey my not so green world!!

i have been living with the people who just take this thing for granted. it is so sad when i try to pursue other people to take care of the earth but the people surround me just ignore it, this people is my own family.to them what is the point to take care of the environment because there are many people out there who just don't care about this, what they mean is people still litter, waste the electricity, cutting trees, open burning, plastic here and there and the list goes on. so to them if we are the only one who cares the world still the same it is just a little or no changed! OMG how can i change their perceptions. when we go out for shopping i try to ask them not to take the plastic bag or reduce the usage and instead use the shopping bags, but they ignore me and still take the plastic plus take extra plastic, what is the point i just don't get it, common lah people grow up and think further i'm not asking you to go green extremely it just a simple act and will not effect your daily life at al but why is it so hard for them to just listen to me, every time i talk about this thing they will tease me and condemned me. i hate this type of people if you don't want to do it then don't do it but please don't tease and condemned the people who do it! show your support instead of the nonsense!

the whether is just getting so hectic!
when the whether is getting hot please don't complained people!this is what you have done so take it as the result. as we all know that open burning, air pollution and so on are one of the main causes for the thinning of the ozone layer, so that is why the earth are hotter than ever. sooner we all will get the skin cancer!! so as the human who cares please do something to make this thing became more serious please do something to help and not complained!!

people please open up your mind and broaden your knowledge and try to accept the idea of living the green life and way!!

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