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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

green tips!!

there just so many green tips that we can follow and do it in our daily lifestyle! so why not we just spend a little time and effort to make it work. this might be a simple act to you but actually a really hugely one to the planet earth.together we can make this work and help saving the mother earth!

so here are some tips that you can follow:

1) say no plastic - bring your own shopping bag, boil your water don't buy the bottle water!
2) turn the TV volume down -it takes more energy for the sound to be louder.
3) recycle - glass, metal, plastic, paper, the possibilities are endless!
4) turn off unnecessary appliances when you are not using them.
5) avoid using disposable items as much as possible - they will end up in landfills.
6) spend a day in nature to truly understand and to learn to appreciate it.
7) share your DVDs, games, books and clothes with your friends.
8) when shopping go for the biodegradable,locally produced and choices.
9) keep your car tires adequately inflated for better fuel economy - if you have a car.
10) celebrate earth day, earth hour, and so on don't forget to spread the word!
11) buy energy efficient light bulbs - they are worth it in the long run.
12) plan your errands to avoids going around in circles and to save petrol!
13) reuse clothing, and find something snazzy (stylish/flashy) to do with it - be creative!
14) try organic fresh fruits and vegetable - your body will thank you!
15) educate yourself about global warming and teach others!
16) stop buying unnecessary stuff - it fuels the destruction of the environment.
17) use soap rather than shower gel because they are less polluting.
18) take a shower instead of a bath - try to keep it below 10 minutes! ( namy loves this )
19) don't litter, don't dump trash in any body of water , or on the ground!
20) start a club at colleges, or anything to raise awareness about the environment!

i love the last one but i could not make it real if i don't have ant supporters!so whoever want to join please let me know and we will start a new club at our colleges soon.

the list will be continue on my next post! ;)


  1. aku pon suka idea yang last tu! aku penah terfikir nak buat green campus punya club. tapi lepas tu aku terus jadi geek dan nerd sejati lalu tak tercapailah hasrat tu =.=

  2. ala many kita kne buat ni...by next sem la...please u got to help me....

  3. nanti lah kita bincang2. ahaha aku ada idea yang lagi gempak.