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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

more green tips!!

since i got some feedback from my previous post, i was so excited to write the new one to gives more green tips...the idea of start a new club at college was brilliant so me and my friends will figure it out how to do it so in the mean time here are some of the new green tips:

going green is all about passion, patient,determination and effort, without it you will never succeed and can never do it, you will often felt like giving up because you are the only one who cares about the mother earth at least that is what you think, in here you are not alone, you will always have me =) i'm always get excited and easily get mad if people seem like they don't even care about this planet earth, people like this take things for granted and don't really care about the future of our nature and please don't be one of it.

here are the green tips!!

1) turn seemingly useless junk into fun works of art, or even a jewellery!
2) turn off the water when you are not using it - like when you brush your teeth.
3) use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries.
4) carpool, take public transport, ride a bike and walk short distances!
5) plant a tree - it reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and adds oxygen.
6) take advantage of our country's warm climate and air dry your cloth!!
7) use the library, buy second hand books,swap with friends or get an eBook.
8) try hand sanitiser - it does not send the yucky chemicals down the drain!
9) use old rags (kain buruk) or sponges to clean up messes instead of paper towel.
10) buy minimally packaged goods, it could reduce your garbage significantly.
11) unplug unused electronics - they still use energy even when switched off!!
12) use refills for shower gel instead of buying new bottles each time.
13) if you are at home turn on only what you need.
14) buy products from companies that value the environment (the body shop).
15) never shop on an empty stomach - it can lead you yo buy more than you need!
16) print your assignments on both sides of the paper - this reduces paper wastage!!
17) use natural sunlight instead of electric light whenever possible.
18) don't waste too much time in front of your computer - do some exercises!!
19) don't use electronic exercise machines - use a bicycle or go roller-blading!!
20) bring your own spoon and forks even cups or mugs whenever you go to eat!

the last tips i really do it, i bring my own spoon and forks and i even put it at my handbags so that i can easily use it, actually i really hate to use the spoon that the restaurant or the cafe' give because i'm afraid if they don't clean it well or it might be rusty sometimes. all this thing really bother me but at Kuantan, i dont practice this any more even if i bring it all the time because i'm afraid people will judge me and tease me. but on this coming new sem i will do it and let people say what they want. and most of the tips that i give here i have done it so many times it really works there are some that will change you, some will give you advantages, and some might just make realise how important is this thing.

we are talking about our nature here so please take things seriously and do your part to save the earth. the ice is melting at Antarctica, the animals lost their habitats because of your new homes, the trees was cut to make your magazines and newspaper each day, the whether getting hectic because of the thinning of the ozone layer from the open burning you make. soon what will be left for our next generation?? think about it!!


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