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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

worlds greenest homes!!

About the worlds greenest home show;Hosted by John Bell guides this whirlwind global tour of breathtaking planet-friendly residences while introducing viewers to the cutting-edge innovations that make these eco-palaces as green as they are glam.

From sleek temples of glass and steel to elaborate mansions made from pressed earth and recycled blue jeans, these one-of-a-kind houses are like nothing you've ever seen before. Each episode highlights two incredible residences in dynamic all-access explorations that show off these homes' style and decor, architectural boldness, and the visionary green secrets behind it all. Go from Athens to Aspen in an afternoon to see the coolest ideas in environmentally-savvy building, and meet the people who dwell in neo-green splendour.

Whether it's an oceanside bungalow fit for a Hollywood star, or an experimental urban home that would blend seamlessly into a sci-fi future scape, every high concept residence here is a testament to ingenuity, determination, conservation, and pure aesthetic flair. Groundbreaking, gorgeous and inspiring, these magnificent structures feature extraordinary ecological solutions that take green to a new level of design.

World's Greenest Homes proves that luxury and ecology can, and do, exist under the same roof. Tune in to this feast for the eyes and discover how comfortable and elegant green can be.

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